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The new role of big companies when are acting in the global arena goes so much aligned with public representation and public affairs. Lots of multinationals are icons of cities, countries or values and its public relations and communication strategies go accordingly to them. The new professional in this field are seeking for new ways of representation and empowerment where leaders seek for higher legitimacy. Diplomacy is not anymore a matter of Public Administration or governments is nowadays a topic that involves the whole community, especially the ones who have higher influence in the public opinion and act as real opinion leader in the areas of culture, leisure, arts and business, out of the traditional topics of the traditional institutions. The growing number of good will activities led by big corporations is notorious as they are understanding this topic better than anyone else. A prove is the increasing number of corporate foundations and the increasing community engagement with those who are sensitive to these topics.

We open this call for papers to those who are working and researching any of these topics and are willing to better implement the basis and practice of it.

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